Top 7 Mountain Bike Parks in the World

One of the most exciting things to do as a mountain biker is to visit different places and countries to ride our bikes. For this reason, we compiled a list of some of the most popular mountain bike parks in the world. If you feel like we should include more, please let us know in the comments.

Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks, BC, Canada

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Sun Peaks

Total vertical: ~20000 feet

Total trails: 35

Silverstar, BC, Canada

Total trails: 20

Les Alps France Bike Park

Les Deux Alps, France

With an incredible vertical descend, Les Deux is one of the best known mountain bike parks in world. Every year, one of the ICU Downhill Cups is played in Les Deux.

The mountain features 2 green downhill trails, over 7 intermediate and almost a dozen of advance and pro level trails.

Vertical: ~8000 feet

Trails: 21

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Northstar Resort, CA, US

Northstar Resort, CA, US

Veritcal: 2280 feet

Total Trails: 22

Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown, New Zealand

With over 30 world class downhill trails, Queenstown is becoming one of the most popular destinations to go Mountain Biking in New Zealand.

Vertical: 1476 feet

Trails: 30

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Whistler Best Mountain Bike Park

Whistler Best Mountain Bike Park

Whistler, BC, Canada

Whistler is known to be the best and largest mountain bike park in the world. The resort is also the largest snow resort in North America. Original from Whistler is Crankworx, a week long mountain biking event that takes place in August. The event’s main show is Redbull Joyride, a freeride competition that brings the best riders of the world.

The mountain(s) feature trails for all skills and levels, perfectly marked to get you started in the sport. The resort provides plenty of accommodation as well as rentals for travelers or even casual downhill riders.

Total vertical: 4,946 feet

Trails: 76

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Mammoth Mountain, USA

One of the most popular bike parks in the world. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park features more than 40 mountain biking trails and it’s located close to the Yosemite National Park in California, USA.

Total vertical: ~2800 feet

Total trails: 49

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