Mountain Bike Frames

This guide will get you started with the many different types of mountain bike frames. We will cover from the entry level sport ones to the high-end all mountain, enduro and downhill frames.

Difference between MTB frames

Frames are always built with a discipline in mind. Some frames are meant to be lightweight for racing while others are meant to keep a good balance of weight and strength.

Entry / Recreation Level

Also known as “Sport Bikes”, these are meant to be a introduction to mountain biking. The are the most simple ones, usually made of aluminum, they offer durability and good weight.

Cross Country Frames (XC)

They are meant to be lightweight and offer a good geometry (shorter wheelbase for example) for climbing. A good XC bike will always be made of carbon but more budget version cane found in aluminum.

Trek Superfly

Trek Superfly

All Mountain

All mountain frames are always full suspension. They offer a longer wheelbase and they are more slack than XC bikes.

All mountain bike by Trek

All mountain bike by Trek


Enduro frames offer a longer rear suspension and a slacker head tube angle. This allows for a longer travel front suspension.

Downhill MTB frames

Downhill frames are all about strength and suspension. These bikes are meant to fly and take big drops so the frame must be strong and very slack. These bike accommodate front suspension forks of 200mm travel and up.

Commencal Downhill bike

Commencal Downhill bike


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