How to change bike pedals

One of the most common items to change on a new bike (brand new or new for you), are the pedals. They are one of the parts that most cyclists have very specific preferences. Some riders prefer flat pedals while some prefer SPD clips or Egg beaters. Regardless of your preference, will want to change pedals most of the time.

Bike pedals can be very tough to remove if not using the appropriate tool, so make sure you are using the right tool for it. A bike pedal wrench can be found in most local bike shops for about $12 to $25. There are many types at different prices, but all of them will do the job just fine.


  • 15mm Bike Pedal Wrench
  • A small rug
  • Some grease


Regardless of the side, do the same to change bike pedals: From the top, pull the wrench back. Yes, this mean that on the left size you will unscrew clockwise and on the right pedal you will do it counter-clockwise.


How to install new bike pedals

Regardless of the pedals you need to install After you remove the pedals clean the inside thread with the rug and apply some grease to the new pedals. You can now install them by doing the opposite, from the top, push the wrench forward.


Things to avoid

Pedals are one of the items that require you to use the proper tool, mostly because the spacing between the crank and the pedal itself is too narrow to allow a regular wrench to fit. Do not use an adjustable wrench or you may damage the crank arm.

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