Mountain Biking Dictionary

Some words have a complete different meaning in the mountain biking world, so we have prepared a mountain biking dictionary with all the jargon used by riders of almost every discipline.

  • Chainsuck – When the chain is sucked by the crankset and gets stuck with the frame.
  • Double Pivot
  • Drivetrain – It is the combination of all parts the bike needs to collect power from the rider. The main parts of the drivetrain are: Pedals, Cranks, Chainring, Chain, Cogs (Cassette), Derailleur.
  • Fireroad – A trail that is wide enough to have a car driving through it. The trails also serves as a natural gap between natural and combustible material that could help prevent the spread of wildfire.
  • Granny – The lowest gear on a bike
  • Potato Chip – When the wheel bends ending up in the shape of a potato chip.
  • Singletrack – Singletrack is a narrow MTB trail that is close to the width of the bike. It differs from the doubletrack that is wide enough to have a car drive through.
  • Skinny – A narrow wooden beam raised off the ground.
  • Snake bite – To double puncture a tire, generally cause by hitting the sidewall.
  • Taco – When the wheel bends ending up in the shape of a taco.

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