Winter Biking Clothing

Biking in the winter can be very challenging, specially when it gets lower than -10C ( 14F). In order to stay warm you will need not only a good jacket but a good set of gloves, boots, pants and a helmet to keep you warm.

In this guide we will show the most popular clothing you can buy so  you can enjoy winter mountain biking or fat biking.

Winter Biking Headgear

Headgear is one of the most important pieces in winter. Depending on the temperature you can switch from a skullcap under the helmet to a full face mask (balaclava). If you snowboard or ski, consider using your snow helmet as it has good padding and it’s good to keep you warm during very cold days.

45NRTH offers some good options depending on the weather. The Lung Cookie offers excellent protection while still being easy to breath with.


Lung cookie


Don’t ever think that full finger gloves will be enough, hands will get the worst out of the wind when biking. On most cases wearing winter gloves will be enough, but in some occasions bar mittens are necessary.

Wear liner or thin full finger gloves when it’s merely cold outside. Windproof gloves are usually a better choice over waterproof ones as they breathe better. When it’s really cold outside look for lobster gloves.

Lobster gloves are the best choice for extreme conditions as they keep some fingers together so they stay warmer.

Sealskinz Gloves

Sealskinz Gloves

Bar Mittens

Bar mittens are great and easy to install. They will stop the wind from hitting directly into your hands and will allow you to wear thinner gloves.

Bar Mittens

Bar Mittens

Winter Cycling Boots

Another very important gear. Toes tend to get cold after an hour, regardless of the amount of heat your body produces. Picking a winter pair of cycling shoes can be challenging as it really depends on how cold it really gets. On places where temperatures go way below -10C (14F) regular winter shoes won’t be enough and boots will be the only option.

Winter Cycling Shoes

Winter Cycling Shoes

45NRTH is known to produce very good winter gear and their cycling boots and one of the most popular for very cold winters.

45NRTH Boots

45NRTH Boots

One of the features of these boots is that have many accessories for really extreme conditions. They also have the socket for installing pedal cleats.

Winter Cycling Pants

Cycling pants should be comfortable and just thick enough to keep the heat in. Make sure they also feature some sort of opening that allows you to let the heat come out. Remember, you don’t want to star sweating too much because if the sweat gets too cold it will play against you.

Cycling trousers are usually a good option as they very comfortable, durable and cold weather proof. They tend have adjustable ankles and pockets so they are very convenient. Make sure you bring your own padded shorts as they don’t come with one.

Also, make sure you double check the leg length. Cycling gear doesn’t have all the variants in sizing as regular clothing does.


Winter Cycling Trousers

In brief, choosing the right winter biking clothing really depends on the location and activity. As trail riding in the winter is becoming more popular with the amazing selection of fat bikes available, riders are looking for more sport looking gear that offer comfort for those extended riding sessions.

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