Best Winter SPD Shoes

Winter mountain biking usually means very cold temperatures and snow. In lots of occasions you will be sticking a foot in heavy snow or water, so picking up the right pair of shoes is crucial.

Shimano SH-MW81


At about ~$200, the SH-MW81 offer good warmth and water protection. Using Gore-Text Insulation and synthetic leather, it will keep your feet dry and cold.

Shimano SH-MW700

Another popular choice from Shimano.

45NRTH Japanther


Photo by 45NRTH

The Japanther are the fall-season, cyclocross shoes offered by 45NRTH that they claim work well as cold as -3C. Though, owners have said they still work well in colder conditions.

They feature a waterproof-breathable membrane for moisture control, adjustable ankle diameter, water resistant zipper, anti-slip outsole. Offered in SPD and Road clip versions.

45NRTH Wolvhammer


Photo by 45NRTH

The Wolvhammer boots are the go-to ones for extreme conditions. They aren’t not cheap, though, usually found for about $310 and up for the SPD version. 45NRTH claims they work very well in temperatures -18C to -3C.

Some of its features include waterproof and breathable membrane for moisture control, mid-calf height for weather protection and comfort, gaiter hook for fatbiking in deep snow and added insulation above the ankle.

Diadora Polaris

Diadora isn’t as know as Shimano in cycling shoes but their budget shoes can offer very good warmth for a low budget. The Polaris shoes can be found for as low as $120 in some online stores.

They don’t offer the same warmth in extreme winter conditions as the 45NRTH shoes but they good enough for temperatures as low as -10C.


Another set of shoes


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